About me

What’s your story? And what do you want to change? 

My name’s Renee Calarco. I’m a playwright and creative consultant who believes that if you can tell a compelling story, you can change the world–whether that world is a theater auditorium or a classroom or a conference room.

I lead writing, improv, and communications workshops for organizations that are hungry to expand their storytelling capabilities, messaging, and all-around creativity.

Now if the thought of doing improv or telling stories in front of your colleagues makes you want to run screaming for the hills, I understand.  (As a former technical writer and business professional, believe me, I get it. ) My workshops are most decidedly not goofy. They’re lighthearted, relaxed, and focused. Fun, but not embarrassing.

Over the years, I’ve led workshops for a variety of organizations, including Porter Novelli, The University of Maryland, and the Rappahannock Association for the Arts. I’m a faculty member at The Theatre Lab and I teach playwriting at George Washington University.

I’m a founding member of The Welders and a proud member of The Dramatists Guild.

And I’m a licensed professional tour guide.

So…yep. I tell stories for a living. And I hope I can help you tell stories, too.

Let’s get started.